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Garden Center & Landscaping inWilmington DE.

Summer is HERE at Old Country Gardens!

🌞🌺🌳This is a season that hums with excitement and beauty.

Come and stroll our lovely and vibrant nursery and find your all favorites. We have an amazing array of plants, containers, statuary, and all kinds of mulch, soils and stone are ready to help you plant, maintain and beautify all your outdoor spaces.

Call To Inquire About What We Have In Stock: (302) 652-3317

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OLD COUNTRY GARDENS is locally owned and operated in Wilmington, Delaware.

We are proud to offer you only the highest-quality plants and great selection grown by respected nurseries both locally and throughout the country.

Visit us to see our wide selection of ornamental trees and shrubs, well-known and unusual evergreens, perennials, annuals, ground covers, herbs and vegetables, and much, much more.

Canna 🏵️ Banana 🍌 Hibiscus 🌺 Oh Manna! 😎

Canna 🏵️ Banana 🍌 Hibiscus 🌺 Oh Manna! 😎

Canna 🏵️ Banana 🍌 Hibiscus 🌺 Oh Manna! 😎

Canna 🏵️ Banana 🍌 Hibiscus 🌺 Oh Manna! 😎

Canna 🏵️ Banana 🍌 Hibiscus 🌺 Oh Manna! 😎

Staying Cool with Tropicals!

Staying Cool with Tropicals!

Staying Cool with Tropicals!

Staying Cool with Tropicals!

Staying Cool with Tropicals!


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What a great place for houseplants! They have a very wide selection of all kinds of cool houseplants in their indoor greenhouse and inside the building. The small plants are very reasonably priced and every time I go I find something new! Most of the plants are in awesome condition and seem to be well cared for.


I've driven by this place many times over the years, but always on the way to somewhere else. I kept saying, "I'll go there some day!" and today I finally did. The plants are absolutely gorgeous! Very well maintained, super clean. The only negative is that they didn't have the plant I was looking for... But I found MANY that I love and never thought I'd see in my area... So I will be back.. Many times, I'm sure!


We love Old Country Gardens! They have a tremendous selection, knowledgeable staff, and their plants are so much healthier and longer lasting than many other places. I think half our yard is from here.


It’s a nice environment and the workers are pretty nice! I love how peaceful it is and how everything is set up. This is I place I could go to just relax and look at the huge variety of plants they have to offer.


This place is a hidden gem. I own PQ Landscaping LLC in New Castle, but it was my first time visiting here because I do most of my work down south. I was looking for a specific plant and another nursery recommended them. The customer service was excellent. You can’t tell from the roadway, but their property is huge in the back and they are very well stocked with reasonable prices. I will find a reason to come back here again! Thank you guys!


I just want to say, that I know the one place I can go to always is old country Gardens if I need help with anything, I was there today, I spoke to Kathy about a palm that I had recently bought that seemed to not be doing well, she gave me so much great information, and what to do about it, and I can actually say it’s looking extremely better already after cutting the way, sunburn off the leaves of the Palm. Also, great advice as to not do miracle Gro due to the salt content in the miracle Gro, which I was almost ready to start doing, but so glad that I was advised not to do that! Thank you to Kathy and thank you old country gardens! I buy all of my begonias easier because I have a lot of shade there and they do wonderful every time! I hope if you have a review category, he will put this in here. Again, thank you

Terry, Dorsch

Garden Center

Landscaping and Hardscaping Services

Old Country Gardens is a full-service landscaping design and construction company. We offer our customers years of experience in providing landscape solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout the Tri-State area.

House Plants

Garden Gift Shop

Preparing for a holiday, a birthday or an anniversary?  Visit our gift shop.   New merchandise is arriving almost every day.  Come and see our beautiful and fanciful one-of-a-kind art glass creations from around the world.  We also have charming umbrellas, an amazing array of faerie garden miniatures,  sun-sculpture wall art.