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Welcome to Old Country Gardens, a full-service Garden Center!

Old Country Gardens sits on 3 ¼ acres and offers a vast and unique assortment of outdoor and indoor plants, gardening accessories, a Gift Shop and horticultural services.

 Our Nursery carries a wide array of trees, annuals, perennials, evergreens, flowering shrubs, dwarf conifers, and more.   We also offer aquatic plants, a beautiful assortment of roses and an impressive variety of herbs and vegetables for this year’s vegetable garden.

In addition we have a full complement of Garden Supplies, Mulches, Stones and other gardening needs.

Our Greenhouse carries unusual Tropicals, Orchids, Cacti and Bonsai.

The Patio Shop prides itself on an assortment of birdbaths, statuary, pottery and garden art.

Our Gift Shop features seasonal and year-around decorations and a delightful array of unusual gifts from around the world.  Build your own fairy garden from a large assortment of gardens fairies and accessories.

Starting in mid- October our Christmas Shop opens presenting a wonderland of ornaments, hand- made Wreaths, Greenery, Nutcrackers, colorful Poinsettias and all your other functional and decorative Christmas needs.

Our Special Events include 2nd Saturday in June, when Old Country Gardens offers its customers a stroll through the gardens with ice cream, hot dogs, a magician, a traveling zoo, a live radio broadcast, prizes AND 30% off everything, excluding Landscape services, design and installation.

We invite you to stop by and browse in our beautiful Garden Center. Speak to our knowledgeable staff about any of your gardening needs. Our reputation as a premium garden center that caters to its customers is well-earned, and remember . . .

. . . We’re More Than Just A Garden Center!


80 thoughts on “Garden Center

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we will carry numerous varieties of Campanula. We don’t usually carry Gentians, but if you are interested we can order some for you. Please give our desk a call and leave your name and phone number and how many you want and we can order them for you.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      We usually carry Imperial Star and expect to get them in mid-April. We will keep our eyes open for the Lulu hybrid! If you want to be called when they come in call our shop and give them your name and phone number.

  1. Gail Schiffhauer

    Do you sell the large hanging baskets poles that are attached to your front fence? If so, how much are they?
    We lost our 2 back yard trees for hanging bird feeders from and the short poles are not squirrel proof at all. I thought the basket poles would work.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we carry lots of styles of hanging basket poles. We have one right now that attaches to a railing (or fence that has a horizontal member that you can clamp on to). It is about 4′ long and adjustable and costs $29.99. We will have more styles in the spring, so come check us out!

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      The largest indoor hanging basket pots we have are 12″ in diameter. We do carry 16 wire baskets with coco liners but they are porous so don’t work very well in the house. Hope that is helpful!

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we have a few lavender left, and lots of nice snake plants (several varieties!), but no gardenia or jasmine right now. We will be getting some of those in as we get closer to the Christmas holidays.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      We are all out of this one for the fall, but can get you one in the spring. Check back late March to early April!

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      We have two Crape Myrtles that I would call bright pink. Petite Pinkie (5’X 4′) and Tuscarora (8′ x 8′).

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      No, we don’t have that variety in stock right now, but we do have Limelight and Annabelle! Our assortment of Hydrangeas is really good right now, come and check us out!

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we have 4 different types: Seaside Serenade Outer Banks (a rebloomer)
      Mariesii Variegata
      Tuff Stuff
      Let’s Dance

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we carry stone dust, or quarry dust as some call it. It comes in 50 lb. bags for $3.99 ea.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      No, I’m sorry we are sold out of Camellias at this time. In the spring we do carry April Dawn, but have not carried the Moonshadow- we’ll have to keep an eye out for that one!

  2. KRae

    Do you carry chocolate white snakeroot, Gold Standard CoreopsisTickweed and/or Purple Dome New England Aster?

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes we have Actea ‘Chocoholic’ which is the snakeroot plant. We don’t have the Gold Standard Coreopsis, though we do have several other varieties of yellow Coreopsis. And we will have the New England Asters later in the summer when it is closer to their bloom time.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we have two sizes. A 12″ pot for $39.99 and a 19″ pot for $29.99. They are lush and full, come have a look-see!

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      No I’m sorry that’s a cultivar we don’t have currently, but we will look for it! If we find it, we’ll let you know.

  3. Leslie

    Hi, can you get more colors of the creeping coleus this year? Watermelon, various shades of Purple, various shades of orange, etc? I buy an average of 30 pots each year and love to have all colors together in my pots. Thanks.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      We carry numerous cultivars of trailing coleus, but the color range is really pretty limited for this kind of coleus. The varieties we carry are: Chocolate Drop, Burgundy Wedding Train, Lava Rose, Trailing Monarch, Tell Tale Heart, and Trailing Plum.

    1. Anonymous

      I used to have tansy, the curled-leaf cultivar, in my garden, and I became sensitized to it – worse than poison ivy. A friend kindly dug it out for me, then showered and changed clothes.

      1. Susan Depietropaolo

        It’s not uncommon to become sensitized to certain plants. Sometimes it has to do with our personal chemistry, sometimes the environmental factors affecting the plant and us, but you were wise to get someone else to dig it up and remove it….it’s not worth the aggravation of the rash to keep it around!

  4. Autumn

    I am interested in purchasing a Hibiscus to attract Hummingbirds. I am a complete novice and could use help picking one out and the proper pot and soil to ensure that it grows nicely. Would you be able to help out?

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Of course! WE have some very beautiful Hibiscus in stock and a very qualified staff who can answer all your questions.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes we have a landscape designer on staff and have crews to do the work for you. Please call for an appointment.

  5. Susan Brewster

    Question: I have a bonsai ficus that is desperate for repotting, new potting medium, and “training”. Would you be able/willing to help me?

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      Yes, we have an extensive bonsai collection and work with them ourselves so repotting and training are things we can do for you. Bring it in and let us have a look to see what it needs.

    1. Susan Depietropaolo

      No, that isn’t a cultivar that we typically keep on hand. If it is one you would like, you can order it directly from Monrovia and have it shipped with our shipments for a very reasonable cost.

  6. Marthe Adler

    I am looking for mountain laurel, wild ginger (american not european), and amelanchier laevis to plant in a heavy shade area – do you carry? Thanks

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